Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get In The Game!

One thing I have learned about MineCraft LP's (or any LP,for that matter) is that if the player is not in to the game, it will show. If you are bored,your viewers are bored. This may not be 100% true,but as a general rule of thumb, it is. I experienced this first hand the other day when I was set to record for my Tekkit series.

As always, I was doing  prep work before the actual recording so I have my "ducks in a row". As I was going through things I wanted to accomplish in that episode, I found myself thinking, " man, I am not feeling this right now". I did not want to walk away from it, as I was really wanting to get more content up on my channel. I knew I could not do quality content in that state of mind, so I moved on to something else.

My point is, I could have went ahead and recorded the episode, but the viewers would have noticed I was not 100% in my game.

So I ask the question, when you record, are you always 100% in the game, or can you "fake it" and still produce quality content? Please leave your comments.


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